Some practical tips for applying ESTA

When you want to go to a country like the United States, there are formalities to respect. It is always wiser to turn to a professional to ensure a better result, especially for an ESTA request .

Where to find an official ESTA application?

Since the entry into force of the new travel authorization, several for-profit sites have been created in order to offer the ESTA request form. There are those who have a sense of professionalism, just as there are those who think only of travelers’ money by offering a false form.

It is important to be careful when choosing a site that offers this electronic form. Created by experts in American law, the site you have in front of you is considered since its creation as the best address to get a real ESTA request form.

How long is the ESTA valid?

An ESTA travel authorization request is valid until otherwise indicated by the United States Department of Homeland Security . After receiving your file, this government agency studies it to find out if you can come to the United States or not without a visa. The validation of the request is generally done within 72 hours; generally, this formality is faster.

However, it sometimes takes longer, especially in the case of a pending authorization. However, such a setback does not mean that your request is refused.

ESTA application compulsory: the conditions?

Since the adoption of the new security system known as ESTA, it has become mandatory to comply with this new regulation for air and boat trips to the United States (New York, Las Vegas …) . This formality is also required for those who transit on American soil, even if you travel without a specific project . There is, however, an exception: entering the United States by land is not affected by this formality (although in some cases it can save you time at the border). In case of non-possession of ESTA, you are asked for a valid visa .