Your stay in the United States is subject to obtaining the ESTA, if you meet the Visa exemption criteria. To summarize very briefly the ESTA procedure, questions are asked to you via an internet form. The (sincere) answers that you provide determine the acceptance or refusal of entry into the territory by the American authorities. Without the ESTA authorization in your pocket during your trip to the USA, you will not be able to enter the country, except if you have other types of documents such as a visa or a ” green card ” whether it is obtained by marriage , family reunification, green card lottery , work , etc. We treat in this article a specific topic around the request for ESTA : the questions asked on the online questionnaire.


The ESTA form is well known to French tourists who wish to travel to the United States. Indeed, France being part of the Visa Waiver Program, its nationals do not need a visa to enter the USA, if the stay concerns a transit, a business trip or a tourist stay of 90 days maximum across the Atlantic.

The ESTA online form has important questions to be answered honestly. These are divided into several parts, regardless of whether you access the process via the government site or another private platform for issuing ESTA USA. Already plan your electronic or biometric passport as well as your return ticket: you will need it for any ESTA question concerning your identity and your dates of travel to the United States.

Here are the steps to obtain ESTA authorization :

Here, you can normally get the document, print the ESTA and pack your bags!


Do not consider lying during the ESTA procedure; the questions are studied scrupulously by the computer systems, checking in particular the consistency between your papers and the information indicated in the online form. In case of deception, you will certainly receive a refusal , and potentially the impossibility of retrying your chance on the ESTA visa before a certain time.

Therefore, don’t forget to mention your criminal history or illness. Rest assured: 99% of travelers receive an entry permit. The rare contrary cases arise from a danger for the internal security of the USA.

Do you want to start your ESTA request? Questions are available on our site; enter your biometric or electronic passport, your plane or boat ticket, then go to the home page to fill in the ESTA online ! You can do this a few hours before your departure, even if it is ideal to fill out the form at least 72 hours before the big departure.