The cost of an ESTA may vary depending on the order method. Indeed, if you apply online for your ESTA USA on the US government website, you will be asked to pay the amount of $ 14. $ 14 is the base price for an ESTA. Why this price? What are the other sums? We answer these questions in this article!


Before addressing the question of the price of ESTA , are you sure that the ESTA authorization is suitable for your travel plan in the United States? The ESTA allows travelers from 38 countries (France is one of them) to benefit from a considerable advantage: going to the United States, without a visa! Here are the different conditions to be met so that you are sure of your choice of authorization:

Do you respect all these points? You may consider using an ESTA to travel to the United States. If not, if you do not meet one or more of the conditions, you will probably have to apply for a visa to travel to the USA.


Why do you have to pay $ 14 for an ESTA? This sum is used to pay the administrative fees, here is how the 14 dollars are distributed in detail:


The official price of $ 14 for an ESTA corresponds to a simple delivery service when you order it yourself on the official website of the American government.

However, it is possible that you would like to benefit from assistance in the event of a glitch, because the organization of a trip to the USA must be taken seriously. We all know that the US Department of Homeland Security does not take lightly the issuance of authorizations to set foot on American soil. If you feel a need for assistance, it is possible for you to request the services of certain private sites offering to carry out all the administrative procedures for you concerning the order of your ESTA authorization. In addition to the basic cost of the ESTA document, there is a service charge. But what exactly do they correspond to? A team is responsible for carefully checking the data you provide. Accustomed to this kind of requests, errors are thus avoided when filling out the ESTA form (something that happens more often than you think!). Be aware that a simple error in a number or letter can lead to an immediate refusal of your authorization. The service offered by is therefore a great alternative if this idea scares you!

In addition, the total cost of ESTA for your stay in the United States is still much lower than that of a conventional American visa, whether you choose to pay the $ 14 by ordering on your own or with a few additional fees. going through a private site.