Like ESTA in the USA or AVE in Canada, New Zealand will soon introduce its electronic travel authorization for travelers wishing to visit the country of the kiwi: eTA New Zealand. To go to New Zealand with this authorization, different criteria must be met: explanations.

As of October 1, 2019, a tax will be imposed on travelers wishing to travel to New Zealand. This tax, the IVL (International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy), will be required when the traveler applies for eTA NZ, the electronic travel authorization for New Zealand.

The eTA NZ travel authorization (also called Visa Waiver Visitor Visa), will be introduced in July 2019, and will allow nationals of certain countries, including France, Belgium or Switzerland, to go to New Zealand without having to apply for a visa.

On the one hand, it was set up to facilitate the growing number of millions of visitors each year, by reducing the waiting time at the borders, while strengthening the country’s internal security.

On the other hand, the country undergoing an increasingly strong tourist wave, it is already feeling the consequences of excessive tourism. The IVL tax could therefore partially remedy this, and allow tourists to contribute directly to the protection and improvement of tourist structures and the environment.


To obtain eTA New Zealand, several conditions must be met. You must first have a valid passport, and as we have already discussed, have the nationality of one of the countries exempt from the New Zealand visa. Currently, nationals of 60 countries around the world can apply for eTA New Zealand.

To qualify for the eTA NZ, you will need to organize a trip of up to three months, for tourist purposes, to see friends, or even during a transit. British nationals can travel for up to six months. Finally, note that Australian travelers are not affected by this authorization to stay in New Zealand, so they can continue to travel to the country of the Maori freely.

The cost of obtaining the New Zealand electronic travel authorization is:

To these application fees, the NZD $ 35 of IVL tax must be added. This tax will be applied to all travelers, with or without eTA New Zealand. After obtaining the eTA NZ visa exemption will be valid for two years.