What is the price of ESTA? This is a question that often comes up on the part of our readers wishing to obtain this travel authorization to go to the United States. It is true that the price of this document is added to the many financial costs associated with a trip of this kind. Eligible persons can therefore obtain an ESTA at the price of 14 dollars, all taxes included.


When created, the ESTA travel authorization was free. In 2010, the US government decided to modify its system to meet the criteria of a travel promotion law. The ESTA price was therefore set at $ 14 for all applicants. Indeed, the price is the same for everyone, regardless of age or country of origin. Travelers wishing to leave with their family must pay $ 14 per person, adults or minors.

Despite what you can read on the internet, group requests are possible, but you will have to pay this ESTA price multiplied by the number of people listed on the request. For example, if the file contains 5 people then the ESTA price to be paid will be $ 70. In the event of rejection by the agents of the Department of Homeland Security, you can either wait 10 days and then repeat your request as well as the payment of the ESTA tariff (single amount) or you can turn to the visa request for the USA , the cost of which is much higher (the addition can amount to more than 200 dollars).


First of all, it is important to stipulate that the price of the ESTA form as well as its filling are not payable. The ESTA tariff that you pay is the validation of your request, its transmission to the American immigration authorities as well as the processing of your file. The price of ESTA is divided into 2 amounts:

In general, we advise our readers to complete and pay their ESTA request at least 72 hours before their departure to allow the processing of your request as well as the debit of your bank account (for the payment of the ESTA price). Some companies specializing in travel to the USA offer original services to obtain it as quickly as possible and at affordable prices.