To travel to the USA, it is mandatory to obtain a travel authorization such as a visa issued by the US Department of State through its embassies. Since 2009, the United States (the Department of Homeland Security ) has implemented the so-called ESTA visa waiver program. ESTA is an electronic travel document for nationals of countries benefiting from this program.

Being part of one of the member countries of the program is also the first condition to fulfill in order to be able to apply for ESTA. The applicant must also ensure that they have the correct passport . To be able to apply for ESTA and travel to the USA without a visa, you must either have an electronic passport or a biometric passport. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for the program.


Knowing that ESTA is an electronic document, the applicant must make an online request. It is recommended that travelers do so at least three days before departure. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you can of course do it a few months before. ESTA takes the form of a questionnaire. As the questions are personal, it is not difficult to answer them clearly. The questions asked relate to the identity of the applicant, the reasons for the trip (which may be family, vacation or business). business) and other more personal issues, such as illness or the criminal record. On these answers will depend whether or not the applicant obtains the travel authorization. You will not have exact questions on your circuit, so it is possible to obtain an ESTA without a specific project .


The visa waiver program offers various benefits. The first is the price. Since 2010, the submission of the ESTA document has become chargeable. Compared to the visa, which has a hundred euros, the ESTA will not cost you more than 60 euros on specialized sites, which provide assistance and help for filling. The price generally varies between 55 and 80 euros depending on the site on which the traveler requests.

Once the travel authorization has been obtained, it is valid for two years. During this period, you will be able to go to the United States without a visa, provided you have your passport, your plane or boat ticket as well as your travel authorization.